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Frequently asked questions

Is Obsidian free?

Obsidian is 100% free for personal and educational use. You don't even need an account to use it.

For commercial use, check out our pricing and license information.

Even though Obsidian is free, we'd really appreciate it if you buy an optional Catalyst personal license to support our development.

How do I import my existing data?

If you already have a folder of Markdown files, that would be perfect and nothing needs to be done.

Many apps can now export to Markdown files, and that's a good starting point and should probably work out of the box.

How do I report bugs or give you feature requests?

Please post them on our forum. You can discuss bugs and feature requests on our Discord, but in order for us to track them, you should file them on the forum.

Thanks for taking the time to help improve Obsidian!