About Obsidian


Our guiding principles are set in stone.


We believe that everyone should have the tools to think clearly and organize ideas effectively. That's why our tools are free for personal use.


We believe that your data should be future-proof and easily accessible, no matter where you are. That's why we use simple, open file formats that prevent lock-in and ensure that your data can be preserved for generations to come.


We believe that your thoughts and ideas belong to you and deserve complete privacy. That's why your data is stored on your device, inaccessible to us. When you use our online services, your data is protected with end-to-end encryption for maximum security.


We believe that tools should adapt to your way of thinking, not the other way around. That's why we design our tools to be highly customizable and extensible, so you can shape them to your unique needs.


We believe in staying true to these principles. That's why we are 100% supported by our users, not investors.

Who makes Obsidian?

We're a small team focused on helping you think better.

Shida Li
@licat Co-founder CTO

Shida makes Obsidian work, work well, and work fast.

Erica Xu
@silver Co-founder COO

Erica started Obsidian in 2020 to build the perfect note-taking app™ for her notes.

Steph Ango
@kepano CEO

Who's that guy...? That's kepano, he fights for the users.

Liam Cain
@liam Engineering

Long-time user of the app; big fan! Not sure how I wound up on the About page 🤔

Johannes Theiner
@joethei Engineering

Johannes writes code and reviews new community plugins.

Matthew Meyers
@mgmeyers Engineering

Former software engineer. Future therapist. Full-time Obsidian user. All around human.

Tony Grosinger
@tgrosinger Engineering

Builder of things, physical and virtual.

Rebbecca Bishop
@sigrunixia Customer success

An eclectic Obsidian user and seeker of knowledge, she wears many hats in her role as support staff.

Office cat

Docile and vocal, has a very soft meow.

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