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2022 Gems of the year winners

SilverSilver  on February 21, 2023

Results for our 3rd Gems of the Year awards are out!

We received an overwhelming number of great nominations. For the competitive categories, we let the community vote for their favorites among the most nominated submissions.

🎉 Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted, and congratulations to the winners!

We will be in touch with winners soon so you can receive your prizes!



🏆 Obsidian Tasks by Martin Schenck and Clare Macrae (Documentation)

Track tasks across your entire vault. Query them and mark them as done wherever you want. Supports due dates, recurring tasks (repetition), done dates, sub-set of checklist items, and filtering.

image|690x476, 75%

Runners up by JP Cen

Experience a combination of intuitive and powerful features that helps you keep track and stay focused. Dive right into or see a preview below.

Database Folder by Rafael Gómez Bermejo (Documentation)

This plugin is a Notion like database based on folders, links, tags, or dataview queries.



🏆 AnuPpuccin by Anubis

image|690x464, 75%

Runners up

Catppuccin by Marshall Beckrich

image|690x439, 50%

Origami by kneecaps

image|690x370, 50%




Creator of popular plugins like Memos and Surfing.

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javalent (Jeremy Valentine)

Creator of popular plugins like Admonition and Obsidian Leaflet. Big contributor for the Obsidian TTRPG community.

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zsviczian (Zsolt Viczián)

Creator of popular visual plugins like Obsidian Excalidraw and Excalibrain. Big proponent of visual thinking and host of the Visual PKM channel on YouTube.

♥ Support zsviczian through Ko-fi

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