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Obsidian Sync now starts at $4 per month with the new Standard plan

kepanokepano  on March 20, 2024

Today we are making Obsidian Sync more accessible with the new Standard plan which starts at $4 per month billed annually, or $5 per month billed monthly.

Obsidian Sync is the easiest way to securely sync your notes across devices, with end-to-end encryption, version history, and collaborative shared vaults.

Below is a comparison between the new Standard plan and the existing Plus plan, billed annually:

Standard Plus
Price $4 per month $8 per month
Synced vaults 1 10
Maximum file size 5 MB 200 MB
Total storage 1 GB 10 GB*
Revision history 1 month 12 months
Devices Unlimited Unlimited
Shared vaults Yes Yes
*Storage on the Sync Plus plan can be increased to 100 GB for $16 per month, billed annually. If you are an early supporter, the storage on your Sync Plus plan remains unchanged at 50 GB.

As we state in our Manifesto, we believe that everyone should have the tools to think clearly and organize ideas effectively. We are committed to keeping Obsidian apps free for personal use without any requirement to sign up for an account. Our add-on services Obsidian Sync and Publish allow us to remain 100% user-supported, and help us fund continued development.

Because Obsidian is built on local files that you control, our add-on services have many free alternatives and self-hostable options. Obsidian Sync is our approach to making the most intuitive and secure sync option. With this new plan, we’re excited to make Sync accessible to even more people!

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As a current Sync subscriber what happens to my plan?
Nothing changes. Your Sync plan is now called Sync Plus and has all the same features and pricing as before, including any discounts you may have.

How do these new plans affect early bird pricing, non-profit, or educational discounts?
Any discounts on your account can be applied to the new Standard plan.

Do shared vaults count towards the number of vaults?
Only remote vaults that you create count towards your vault limit. Remote vaults that are shared with you by another user do not count towards your vault limit.

Can I upgrade from Standard to Plus?
Yes. You can upgrade at any time and pricing is prorated.

Can I downgrade from Plus to Standard?
Yes. To downgrade you must first make sure that your account meets the constraints of the Standard plan — meaning that you have only 1 remote vault with less than 1 GB used.

Can I retain 50GB of storage if I downgrade to Standard?
No. If you are an early supporter and purchased the Plus plan with 50 GB before January 1st 2024, you must remain on the Plus plan to continue receiving 50 GB of storage.

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