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Visualize your ideas.

Infinite space to research, brainstorm, diagram, and lay out your ideas. Canvas is a core plugin included for free with Obsidian.

A playground for thought

Canvas allows you to organize notes visually — an infinite space to research, brainstorm, diagram and lay out your ideas.

Embed your notes alongside images, PDFs, videos, audio, and even fully interactive web pages.

Obsidian 1.0 for desktop and mobile

A new way to think

Effortlessly add existing notes and media from your vault, and edit them within a Canvas view.

Canvas views can be embedded in notes, and even nested within another Canvas.

Obsidian 1.0 for desktop and mobile

Extensible and interoperable

Like everything else in Obsidian, Canvas is extensible and designed to be durable. Our API makes it easy to create plugins that add new capabilities to Canvas.

Your Canvas files are stored locally using the open JSON Canvas file format that we designed to work with other tools. Apps, scripts, and plugins can easily enhance Canvas by adding or modifying cards and connections.

Obsidian 1.0 for desktop and mobile

Community demos

Explore how members of the Obsidian community are using Canvas for the personal life and at work.

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