A third brain,
for you, for now.

Obsidian Ultra Cloud Host (OUCH) is a brand new PKM platform by Obsidian. It's like Obsidian and Obsidian had a baby, in the Cloud™.

Internet not included. Not compatible with Obsidian plugins.

Exclusively on the Cloud™

Having everything on your hard disk is so 1990.

OUCH saves everything in the cloud for your convenience, so you can access it from everywhere. (When there's internet and when our server isn't down)

No disk space required
We know your disk space is limited, so let's save that for family and cat photos by having your notes in the cloud.
Never run into that annoying "low disk space" error ever again.
Welcome to the Internet Age
All your apps already require internet anyway, why not add another one?
Make great use of your unlimited internet plan by downloading your notes every time you access them.
Unplug and detox
We all need some downtime to unplug from work, but we can never find the right time for it.
Don't worry, our server randomly goes down for a couple of hours from time to time, so you can stay away from knowledge management and recharge your sanity.

Live in the moment

Note-taking should be fun and spontaneous. Don't be afraid to take risks.

You only live once
Ask yourself "what should I write", not "what's going to happen in 50 years".
We never know what the future holds for us, so why bother?
Slow down and be mindful
OUCH is intentionally slow to load. It gives you more time to meditate and be mindful about what you're going to write.
Work can wait
When all the other apps are competing for performance, OUCH takes an unconventional path.
We give you some space to breathe before starting work. Just blame it on us, relax, and reclaim your work life balance.

Security by obscurity

OUCH uses various cutting-edge techniques to make sure your data is secure, even if you decide to export and download a copy of your data.

Magic proprietary format
Our patent-pending proprietary format, .ouch, is approximately a million times more cryptic. (compared to .md used in Obsidian)
Total privacy
After you export your data, it will automatically re-encrypt itself every 24 hours, so that it can only be imported by the latest version of OUCH.
This way, other programs can never access your top-secret data, even if they have access to your exported file. Fantastic!
Zero switching cost
Save your future self some headache—purposefully lock yourself into OUCH, so you don't even need to switch in the future.
It's not called a mistake if you purposefully do it.

A third brain,
for you, for now.

Internet not included. Not compatible with Obsidian plugins.

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