Obsidian October 2021

Plugins and themes were judged by the judge panel using a standardized scoring system.

Stephan Ango (Minimal)
Chetachi (Yin & Yang)
SlRvb (ITS)
1st place Primary by Cecilia May
Primary is soft, chewy, comforting — like a chocolate chip cookie, or a warm brownie. Primary instantly puts you in a relaxed state that opens the door to creativity and exploration. Wonderfully executed down to the smallest details, Primary ran away with first place.
Runner-up #1 Sanctum by jdanielmourao
Sanctum is precise, functional, yet infused with personality. It brings a style of UI that evokes the best e-ink devices: high contrast, minimal, leaving no ambiguity. Sanctum makes you feel like a genius, as if you're using the tool one might wield to prove Fermat's Last Theorem, or type out the next great novel.
Runner-up #2 Prism by Damian Korcz
Prism is a compartmentalist's dream. Everything has a place, and there's a place for everything. With a plethora of customization options, Prism makes it easy to craft a space that feels personal yet organized.
Runner-up #3 Bubble Space by Emrie Candera
Our honorable mention goes to Bubble Space, an unapologetically fun and colorful theme. With its cartoon-inspired visuals, Bubble Space gives Obsidian an approachable and exciting character.
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Liam Cain (Calendar)
Matthew Meyers (Kanban)
Argentina Ortega Sáinz (Mdnotes)
Winner CodeMirror Options by NothingIsLost
Before there was Live Preview, there was CodeMirror Options. It’s a plugin about choice: go full on what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing or simply see your dataview code blocks rendered without losing your place as you write. CodeMirror Options empowers users to design an editing experience to suit their unique needs. Who said a wall of toggles was bad UX design?
Runner-up #1 Fantasy Calendar by Jeremy Valentine
Javalent spoils TTRPG fans yet again with another beautiful plugin. Fantasy Calendar is a full-featured tracker for your fantasy worlds. Despite the name, it’s a suitable tracker for the real world, too. Create events, manage multiple calendars, open a full-screen view of your month—this might just be the definitive calendar for Obsidian.
Runner-up #2 Graph Analysis by SkepticMystic & Emile
Graph Analysis is a brilliantly nerdy plugin that helps users derive rich insights from their notes using mathematical wizardry. It packages proven algorithms in such an approachable way that even if you're as clueless as me, you'll love clicking around!
Runner-up #3 Vale by Marcus Olsson
Vale is good. Vale helps you write very, very good. With so many plugins helping you write more, Vale checks your writing for consistent style, syntax, spelling, and grammar. And it does so entirely offline—privacy nerds rejoice! This plugin is wonderfully simple and delightful to use. It truly embraces the do-one-thing-well philosophy.
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