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2023 Gems of the year nominations

SilverSilver  on December 22, 2023

The year is almost over and that means it’s time to nominate your favorite projects from the Obsidian community for our Gems of the Year awards!

To nominate projects go here: Gems of the Year 2023 Nomination

Nominations are due by January 3rd, 2024. We look forward to your nominations! Voting will begin soon after.

Project can be nominated in any of the following categories:

  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Tools — e.g. bookmarklets, browser extensions, publishing tools, scripts, etc
  • Content — e.g. videos, blog posts, etc
  • Vault templates

A few words on nominations:

  • Anyone can nominate, no login or account is required.
  • You can nominate new projects created in 2023, or existing projects that were updated in 2023.
  • You can nominate your own project.
  • You can submit multiple nominations.

Once nominations are in, the Obsidian team will select projects for the voting phase. Nominations help us gather a list of projects, so the number of nominations per project doesn’t affect the outcome. Once nominations end, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on your favorite projects for the final awards and prizes!

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