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2023 Gems of the year winners

SilverSilver  on January 24, 2024

It has been nearly four years since the first line of code of Obsidian was written on January 31st, 2020. Today we’re thrilled to announce the winners of our fourth annual Gems of the Year awards!

This year the Obsidian community nominated 287 projects, including plugins, themes, tools, content, and templates. After our panel narrowed down the selection and the community voted on the entries, we’re now excited to announce the winners.

🎉 Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners! We will be in touch with winners soon so you can receive your prizes.

New plugin


🏆 Omnivore by Omnivore

Obsidian plugin to fetch articles and highlights from Omnivore.


Runners up

Folder Notes by @LostPaul

Create notes within folders that can be accessed without collapsing the folder, similar to the functionality offered in Notion.

Home Tab by @olrenso

A browser-like search tab for your local files in Obsidian.

Better Search Views by Ivan Lednev

Outliner-like breadcrumb trees for search, backlinks and embedded queries.

Smart Connections by Brian Petro (@WFHBrian)

Chat with your notes in Obsidian! Plus, see what’s most relevant in real-time! Interact and stay organized. Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT-4 & Embeddings.

New theme


🏆 Border by Akifyss

A clean and highly customisable theme for Obsidian.


Runners up

Flexoki by Steph Ango (@kepano)

Flexoki, an inky color scheme for Obsidian.

Tokyo Night by Michael Bao

A Tokyo Night theme for Obsidian. Colors from tokyonight.nvim and VSCode Tokyonight.

Existing plugin


🏆 Omnisearch by Simon Cambier

Omnisearch is a search engine that "just works". It always instantly shows you the most relevant results, thanks to its smart weighting algorithm.


Runners up

QuickAdd by Christian Bager Bach Houmann (@chhoumann)

QuickAdd is a powerful combination of four tools: templates, captures, macros, and multis.

Linter by Victor Tao (@platers)

Formats and styles your notes with a focus on configurability and extensibility.

Metadata Menu by Mathieu Delobelle (@mdelobelle)

For data management enthusiasts: type and manage the metadata of your notes.

Periodic Notes by Liam Cain

The Periodic Notes plugin expands on the idea of daily notes and introduces weekly and monthly notes.


This new category highlights bookmarklets, browser extensions, publishing tools, scripts, and any other non-plugin tools that work with with Obsidian.


🏆 Quartz by Jacky Zhao

A fast, batteries-included static-site generator that transforms Markdown content into fully functional websites.


Runners up

Canvas Candy by @TfTHacker

The Canvas Candy Vault is a set of tools specially designed for use with the canvas feature of Obsidian.

TTRPG-Convert-CLI by Erin Schnabel (@ebullient)

Utility to convert JSON data (for content you own) from 5etools or pf2etools into Obsidian-friendly Markdown.



🏆 Nicole van der Hoeven by Nicole van der Hoeven

Nicole is a developer advocate at k6.io (Grafana Labs), and she talks about testing for application performance, travelling the world while working, and the work-changing magic of taking notes.

Nicole van der Hoeven

Runners up

Hack your brain with Obsidian by No Boilerplate

Tris has used many note-taking tools over the years, simple-note, notion, and extensively emacs org-mode, none have improved his thinking in the way that Obsidian has. Today is a deep-dive into my second brain, and if you take my advice, YOUR second brain.

Danny Hatcher’s YouTube channel by Danny Hatcher

Danny makes videos about research, tech, and other related topics.



🏆 Dashboard++ by @TfTHacker

Demonstrating the Dashboard++ method of organizing a vault in Obsidian.


Runners up

Ideaverse by Nick Milo

Ideaverse is a starter kit to manage your whole life created by Nick Milo, founder of Linking Your Thinking.

Kepano Vault Template by Steph Ango (@kepano)

Steph’s personal Obsidian vault template. A bottom-up approach to note-taking and organizing things he is interested in.

Congratulations again to all who won and participated!

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