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May 29, 2020

Shiny new things

  • Due to popular demand, we now have inline latex support! Didn't really expect that to be a popular demand, but, we have it!
  • The Help docs are everywhere now! They're in the Vault chooser! They're in the Settings! They're in the native system menus! And they now have their own button, a question mark next to Settings! This is probably technically under "Changes," but your docs writer is so excited about this that it goes under "Shiny new things", sorry devs.
  • We added an option to open in preview mode by default, with a customizable hotkey.


  • We made significant speed improvement to file explorer and tag panes. Users with a large number of notes will be most likely to be able to tell the difference, but every little bit helps.
  • There's also been significant speed improvements to large documents opening in preview mode.
  • Help docs now appear in the default directory where applications store data (which varies by OS), not in your vault.
  • Embedded attachment files no longer show up in Graph View. This should make navigating that significantly less noisy.
  • We made a bunch of aesthetic improvements to Graph View. We set a maximum zoom level to avoid blurry text, adjusted the fade amount, and now only apply a color circle when highlighting. The Graph View will also fall back to canvas rendering for older computers.
  • Now when you try to embed PDF, instead of nothing, you see a box with file name, and an icon to open it in your default app.
  • In the Community Themes tab, there's a switch so you can choose to only see themes compatable to the mode you're in.

No longer broken

  • We fixed various CSS related bugs where elements would superimpose, or otherwise get stuck on the left-most side of the editor when it's supposed to be indented.
  • We fixed a CSS bug wherein the editor would sometimes not properly render nested styles.
  • And we fixed the CSS so highlighted text in dark mode is no longer black, which was kind of the opposite of highlighting.
  • Also, footnotes now render correctly. And your humble docs writer finally remembered that inline footnotes are a thing, so those are documented now.
  • We fixed a rare issue where typing in nested lists caused linked panes to scroll down as you type.
  • We fixed the Quick Switcher not saving newly opened files in "recents".
  • We fixed an issue with notes sometimes closing when edited in another program that uses atomic writes. This seemed to most affect vim users, but it should be fixed for everyone.
  • We turned off spellchecker for filenames, because until we get spellchecker everywhere, that was just confusing.
  • Sometimes creating a partial link before another link would cause autocomplete to add gibberish. That should no longer happen.
  • The Home/End keys should go to a wrapped end of a line instead of the full line.
  • Now when switching to preview mode while the link autosuggester is open, the autosuggester will no longer hang around uselessly.
  • Sometimes the tag pane was empty for no reason. Now it will be as lush as it should be.
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