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June 20, 2020

Shiny new things

  • We've added command palette options for navigation between panes (up/down/left/right), as well as open in default app. And, yes, you can make them hotkeys!
  • We've also added a command palette, and thus the possibility of hotkeys, for toggling the fold on the current line, as well as swapping lines up and down.
  • And there's now a command available to toggle pinning of a pane as well. So many commands!
  • Vim mode now has a prompt for :, /, and ?.
  • Sidebar notes can now be switched between preview and edit using the context menu.
  • Also, we have a Spellchecker now! It's only US/English for now, but at least you can spellcheck a language! Turn this on in Settings => Editor.


  • Select all has been removed from the context menu.
  • Rename now selects the whole file name.
  • We've revamped Automatic update. Now it checks every hour, has a button to check right away, and has a way to disable automatic updates. THIS WON'T WORK FOR NOW on the insider build because it requires a new installer, so this will only be in the public release.
  • We now allow customizing Cmd/Ctrl+K, which was previously reserved for the Markdown editor's insert link.

No longer broken

  • Search highlighting now shows through code and == highlight.
  • We fixed the misalignment of the images in the dmg in MacOS. We know that was very important to some of you.
  • There was a very weird Javascript bug wherein a file could not be named "Constructor." You can now name a file "constructor." Thanks, Javascript.
  • We fixed context menus sometimes getting stuck open.
  • We fixed link and tag autocomplete showing up too far on the left.
  • And we fixed block LaTeX not being recognized without a newline before it.
  • We fixed internal links not working in edit mode when it contains _ or when spellchecker picks up a word.
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