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October 26, 2020

Shiny new things

  • The Plugin API alpha is now available! Hype!
    • Keep in mind that the plugin API is in alpha status. Any part of the API could introduce breaking changes in a future release.
    • For plugin developers, see our sample plugin repo and the plugin api
    • To install a plugin, simply place the plugin files inside the folder MyVault/.obsidian/plugins/my-plugin/.
    • For users, currently there is no "app store" for distributing plugins yet. This will come in a future release.
  • You can now search in preview.
  • You can now fold lists in preview. However, the fold state is not saved yet.
  • There is now a new command to copy the obsidian:// URI for a file.
  • A new search action is now available for obsidian:// URIs. Here's an example: obsidian://search?vault=my%20vault&query=MOC


  • The app is now much quicker to launch for large vaults.
  • Local graph now has a screenshot menu item too.
  • Mermaid has been upgraded to v8.8.2.

No longer broken

  • Switching from preview to edit now properly scrolls to the same place you were viewing.
  • Fixed resizing panes sometimes glitches and causes other panes to become tiny.
  • Fixed unable to change language when checking for updates.
  • Fixed ogv video files not properly included.
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