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November 25, 2020

Shiny new things

  • You can now download multiple themes and switch between them. They are now stored in the vault/.obsidian/themes folder. Be sure to disable the legacy option for obsidian.css when you do so!
  • You can now add multiple CSS snippets, and choose to enable/disable them individually. They are stored in the vault/.obsidian/snippets folder.
  • You can now check for third-party plugin updates and selectively update them.
  • In preview mode, there is now a new section displaying the metadata of a file based on its YAML front matter.
  • You can now give notes specific CSS classes using the front matter option cssclass. You can also specify multiple ones with the same syntax as tags and aliases, for example, cssclass: class1, class2. Combine this with custom CSS to selectively style notes.
  • You can now sort tags in alphabetical order instead of by frequency.
  • You can now collapse the front matter section in edit mode.


  • The custom CSS plugin has been merged into the app, under the "Appearance" setting tab.
  • In preview mode, if the front matter fails to parse as YAML, an error message will be displayed in the code block if you had show front matter option enabled.
  • Link suggestion will now suggest aliases of a file after you type |.
  • Link suggestion no longer shows YAML front matter as a block to refer to.
  • When renaming a file, Markdown links will now also change the display text if it matches the file name.
  • File explorer has been improved to lag less on big vaults.
  • Backlinks and unlinked mentions have been improved to lag less when there are many results.

No longer broken

  • Highlights are now properly exported to PDF.
  • After renaming a file, automatically updated Markdown links will now properly contain the .md extension.
  • Choosing a spellcheck suggestion will no longer wipe adjacent characters.
  • Creating or renaming a file now properly calculates backlinks to it.
  • Embed images now shows up properly in block suggestions.


  • moment.js has been replaced with moment-with-locales.js.
  • CodeMirror has been updated to v5.58.3.
  • A new event layout-change is has been added to Workspace.
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