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December 7, 2020

Shiny new things

  • Obsidian Sync is now available and can now be purchased. It features:
    • End-to-end encryption.
    • Selective sync.
    • Version history.
  • You can now use the "Move file to another folder" command to move the current file without having to do a drag-n-drop in the file explorer.
  • You can now Ctrl/Cmd hover in the file explorer to preview the contents of a file.


  • Graph view search filter now has a clear button.
  • The file explorer will now automatically scroll when dragging files near the top or bottom edge.
  • Tag suggestion will now match anywhere in the tag, instead of just from the beginning.
  • You can now create internal links in Mermaid by specifying the class internal-link for the node. The app will use the contents of the node as the link. Example: class A internal-link;
  • Quick switcher aliases now show the actual file path as well.

No longer broken

  • Link auto-complete should no longer add an extra pair of ]] when another link exists on the same line.
  • Mermaid text should now finally be properly scaled.
  • The notice "Updated x links in y files" now properly shows number of files instead of always showing 1.
  • Fixed some cases of blurry text caused by the lack of subpixel-antialiasing.
  • Fixed [[ auto-conversion from chinese characters 【【.
  • Typing should no longer lag when linked with another editor pane of the same file.


  • Fuzzy search related functions prepareQuery, fuzzySearch, renderMatches, renderResults, sortSearchResults, are now available.
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