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December 29, 2020

Shiny new things

  • Nested Tags: you can now nest tags with unlimited hierarchies using the syntax #parent/child/subchild.
    • Searching for tag:#parent will now match #parent/child.
    • Tag pane now has an option to display nested tags in hierarchy or flat mode.
  • Search now has 3 more operators:
    • line:(...) will perform the subquery on a line-by-line basis, rather than a file-by-file basis. For example, line:(foo bar) will only match foo and bar if they're on the same line.
    • block:(...) will perform the subquery on a block-by-block basis. This is expensive computationally as it requires parsing each file, which means this is likely slower than other modes.
    • section:(...) will perform the subquery on a section-by-section basis. A section starts from a heading and ends before the next heading.
  • Hotkeys have been completely revamped to always use keyboard layout independent mode.
    • This has caused confusion in the last version, so we've simplified the process.
    • If you've customized hotkeys in the past, they will still work.
    • All new hotkeys will be layout independent.
  • You can now drag and drop links to pane headers to open the link in a specific pane.
  • You can now see created and modified time of files by hovering them in the file explorer.


  • Cmd+Shift+V can now paste as plaintext on macOS, in addition to the previous Cmd+Shift+Option+V (seriously, who came up with this default hotkey?).
  • You can now disable HTML to Markdown conversion on paste in Settings > Editor.
  • Hotkeys that are assigned multiple times are now displayed in red.
  • Closing panes will re-focus on the most recent active pane instead of the first pane from the left.
  • Clicking on a link will automatically focus on the new pane if the current pane is pinned.
  • The translucency plugin has been moved to the appearance setting tab.

No longer broken

  • Links with %20 now decode properly when navigating using the editor.
  • Focusing on panes now properly sets the state for arrow keys and page up/down keys to scroll the preview.
  • Dragging text within the same editor pane no longer duplicates it.
  • Fixed spacing between paragraphs in blockquotes.


  • Setting and BaseComponent now have a setDisabled function that will disable its control. Disabling a setting will disable all of its components.
  • Scope.registerKey is now deprecated. It is replaced by Scope.register.
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