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February 9, 2021

Shiny new things

  • You can divide nodes in graph view into groups based on queries, and customize the color of each group. Color all the nodes!
  • Folding is now persisted for edit mode and preview mode.
  • You can now create a new note with an optional content using the Obsidian URI. More details.
  • There is now an official Hook integration using the Obsidian URI.
  • You are now allowed to use more special characters on MacOS and Linux, such as ? and *. Keep in mind that if you synchronize your files with a Windows machine, those will not work.
  • When right clicking a link, there is now an option to rename the target file.
  • You can now hover search results, backlinks, and unlinked mentions to preview the match using the page preview plugin.
  • There's now an option to automatically open your daily note whenever you open your vault.


  • Folding is now persisted for folders in file explorer.
  • Folding is now persisted for graph control sections.
  • Folding is now persisted for nested tags.
  • You can now use file:/// absolute paths to embed images and iframes from your local machine.
  • You can now hold Alt to drop a file anywhere on a pane to open it there, rather than having to drop it in the header.
  • Graph filters will now automatically apply after you finish typing.
  • Block references to list items now scrolls and highlights the exact list item, instead of the whole list.
  • Clicking on link to notes that don't yet exist will now open the newly created note in edit mode.

No longer broken

  • Playing a video in a hover preview no longer causes the video to continue playing after the preview is closed.
  • Preview panes will now attempt to keep your scroll location when you resize or split the pane.
  • Clicking on a search result now scrolls all linked panes to the result location.
  • Word count now properly counts Tamil letters.


  • There is now an API available to handle URI actions using the obsidian:// protocol. Look for the function Plugin.registerObsidianProtocolHandler(action, handler).
  • You can now use App.fileManager to rename files and update links.
  • You can now use Workspace.onLayoutReady(callback) to have a callback run if and when the app's layout is ready. This replaces the previous pattern
    if (workspace.layoutReady) {
    } else {
      workspace.on('layout-ready', callback);
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