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Shiny new things

  • There's a new core plugin called "Note Composer" that can help you merge and split notes quickly.
    • New command and menu option are available for merging current note into another one.
    • Select text and right click for the option to extract it into a separate note.
    • You can choose to apply a template for extracted notes. The extracted text will be filled into the {{content}} variable in the template. Other variables like {{fromTitle}}, {{newTitle}}, {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}} are also available.


  • Core plugins now has their commands prefixed with their plugin name, which makes them easier to find in Command Palette.
  • The right click menu in edit mode is now unified into a single consistent menu, which contains the cut/copy/paste/select all options, spellcheck suggestions, as well as link options if available.

No longer broken

  • Syntax highlighting will now properly recognize any character for task lists.
  • Pasting images from Chrome now properly works to import it on MacOS.
  • Quick switcher now no longer ranks subfolder matches significantly lower than poor file name matches.
  • Text overflowing modals now properly scroll rather than clip at the edge of the screen.
  • Plugins causing an error in checkCallback no longer breaks the command palette.
  • Fixed backlink in document not showing up in an empty file.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop panes not working when right sidebar has no panes and is completely hidden.


  • Fixed data-path not updated when folders are renamed.
  • There is now a editor-menu event on Workspace, which can be used to add more options to the context menu inside the editor.
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