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November 10, 2021

Shiny new things

  • Live Preview (also known as "WYSIWYG" mode) is now available for insider testing.
    • To enable it, go to Settings > Editor > Experimental Live Preview. Changing this option requires a restart to take effect.
    • The live preview mode is highly experimental and many bugs are expected. Please report bugs in the Discord server under the insider-desktop channel.
    • Once you turn on this option, there is a command to toggle source mode as well as a pane menu option.
    • Current features
      • Hide Markdown formatting syntax.
      • Embedded notes, images, audio, video, PDFs and notes using the wikilink syntax will show a preview in the editor.
      • Embedded images using the Markdown syntax from external sources will show previewed.
      • Block ($$) LaTeX will show a preview. Inline LaTeX will be implemented in a future release.
      • Checklists will be replaced with a checkbox. Clicking on it will toggle the check status.
    • Not implemented yet and coming soon
      • Embeds using Markdown link syntax.
      • Inline LaTeX.
      • HTML blocks.
      • Custom code blocks (including plugin rendered blocks like Admonition and Dataview).
      • Improved list bullets (and hide bullet with checklists).
      • Tables.


  • Added webp image support.
  • Obsidian Sync
    • The remote vault selection dialog has been reworked to prevent accidentally connecting to a different remote vault, causing unintentional vault merges.
    • A warning has also been added to confirm the merging of local and remote vaults when the local vault already contains files.

No longer broken

  • Copy code block button now also shows up on code blocks without a language.
  • Fixed tabs becoming spaces within code blocks in preview mode.
  • Fixed tab size not respected in preview mode.
  • Fixed right clicking on search result matches not working.
  • Fixed backlink in preview mode not updated when switching to an empty note.
  • Fixed embeds in exported PDF documents not showing page title.
  • Fixed code blocks in exported PDF documents sometimes contain duplicate characters when copied to clipboard when using Obsidian's dark mode.
  • Fixed code blocks in exported PDF not wrapping.
  • Fixed app zoom hotkeys stops working after opening a PDF document.
  • Changing font size will no longer cause the cursor in the editor to behave erratically.
  • Fixed navigating to headings, block IDs, and search results sometimes not scrolling down properly.
  • Fixed navigating in local graph sometimes causes the navigation history to skip over a file.


  • There is now an append function for both the Vault and the Adapter APIs.
  • There is now a function to sanitize HTML called sanitizeHTMLToDom which returns a DocumentFragment of the sanitized HTML content.
  • You can now setInstructions for an EditorSuggest.
  • There is now a wordAt function on the Editor interface.
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