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March 14, 2022


Obsidian Markdown now allows you to create callout blocks (sometimes called "admonitions"). Callouts are written as a blockquote, inspired by the "alert" syntax from Microsoft Docs.

A big shoutout to @javalent from the community for creating and maintaining the Admonitions plugin, from whom we've gotten a ton of help and inspiration!

For compatibility reasons, if you're also using the Admonitions plugin, you should update it to at least v8.0.0 to avoid problems with the new callout system.

Callouts will also be supported natively on Obsidian Publish.

See our documentation for more on how to use callouts.


> [!INFO]
> Here's a callout block.
> It supports **Markdown** and [[wikilinks]].

Indentation guides

Indentation guides (sometimes known as relationship lines) are now available in Live Preview and Reading view.

They can be turned off in editor settings.


  • In Live Preview, fold icons will now only show up when hovering the same line as the fold indicator.
  • In Live Preview, you can now hold Ctrl/Cmd+Alt when clicking on links to edit them.
  • When right clicking links, there is now an option to open the link.
  • When right clicking links to a file that doesn't exist yet, there is now an option to create the file.
  • Improved Enter handling in blockquotes and lists.
  • Improved Live Preview rendering when switching between different blocks of embed/rendered code.
  • Tasks with checkmark characters other than x will now no longer have the strikethrough formatting applied.
  • Improved editor spacing to better align with Reading view.
  • When failing to save a file, Obsidian will attempt to save a copy in File Recovery.
  • Prevent accidentally renaming files to start with . causing it to disappear.

No longer broken

  • Fixed vaults on network drives don't load images properly.
  • Fixed block IDs with uppercase letters couldn't be linked properly.
  • Fixed scroll-sync between Live Preview and Reading view for large blocks and nested lists.
  • Fixed cycle bullet list/checklist command not working well when the line is indented.
  • Fixed Quick switcher sometimes opens the file in the wrong pane.
  • Fixed navigating to headings, blocks, or search results sometimes requires two clicks to work in dual-pane mode.
  • Fixed editor sometimes runs into an error while saving, but shows a notice about another file.
  • Fixed Audio recorder always inserts audio link at the end of the file, rather than where the cursor is.


  • Plugin inline sourcemaps are now stripped for performance unless the debug startup time option is enabled.
  • Fixed using position: relative on lists in reading mode causes scroll sync to be completely broken.
  • Indentation guides in the editor are styled using the CSS class cm-indent, and will gain cm-active-indent for the indent closest to the selected line.
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