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March 28, 2022

Shiny new things

  • You can now move, rename or locate your vaults directly from the vault switcher.
  • There is now a new in-app help page with links to the online help docs, Discord, forum, as well as the sandbox vault.
  • The local help vault has been replaced with a sandbox vault.
  • You can now set the font for the interface and the editor directly under appearance settings. Note that some themes may override this font setting.


  • Improved Live Preview clicking experience for callouts and embeds.
  • Improved <iframe> for some websites that disallows being iframed.
  • There's now a command to open context menu for the current cursor location.
  • Vim mode up/down now goes into rendered code blocks, embeds, callouts, or tables in Live Preview instead of skipping them.
  • Pasting and dropping images or media files that are already located in the vault will now link to it directly instead of duplicating the file.

No longer broken

  • Fixed Chinese IME on Windows causes selection issues when using punctuation characters.
  • Fixed multi-line block math in blockquotes not working in Live Preview.
  • Fixed clicking on checkbox in callouts not working in Live Preview.
  • Fixed unindent always keeps one extra space when use tabs is turned off.
  • Fixed Quick Switcher not respecting relative path for creating new files.
  • Fixed unable to select text within embeds in Live Preview.
  • Fixed memory leak when closing local graph view.
  • Fixed using the editor search or replace commands doesn't auto-fill selected text when search or replace is already open.
  • Fixed switching focus to another pane doesn't blur previous pane if new pane doesn't handle being focused.
  • Fixed Audio Recorder's webm files can't be seeked and doesn't show total time.
  • Fixed pasting images on macOS is inconsistent between Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  • Fixed folding not loading properly sometimes when using horizontal rules.


  • Callouts now has its metadata (the part in ![type|metadata]) put into its html as data-callout-metadata.
  • <webview> tags are now allowed to be used to embed external content for plugins (Electron/desktop app only).
  • Updated DOMPurify, Turndown, Mermaid, PIXI.js, and Prism.js.
  • Obsidian URI's new action now has an optional append flag and an optional overwrite flag. If append is set, it will append to an existing file if one is found. If override is set, it will overwrite an existing file if one is found, but only if append isn't set.
  • Obsidian URI's new and hook-get-address actions can now optionally accept x-success as part of the x-callback-url specifications, and will return a name, url, and file (file://) as the returned URL parameters.
  • Menu constructor no longer requires App to be passed in.
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