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Shiny new things

  • You can now share your Obsidian Sync vaults with others.
    • Collaborators must have an Obsidian Sync subscription.
    • Joining a Sync vault will not count towards the 5 vault limit for collaborators.
    • To invite other users, go to Settings > Sync > Remote Vault > Manage > Manage sharing.

No longer broken

  • Fixed Tab related navigation broken in modals.
  • Fixed vault switcher sometimes only loads partially when offline.
  • Fixed text selection highlight not working in code blocks with vim mode enabled.
  • Fixed some multi-character glyphs not rendering correctly due to an older version of the "Inter" font.
  • Fixed Obsidian Publish menu option for "Open in live site" not opening the correct URL.
  • Fixed jsp code blocks causes the editor parsing to crash.
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