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March 31, 2023


  • Publish: The "Manage included folders" and "Manage excluded folders" options will now filter out already selected folders.
  • Bookmarks: Updated drag and drop behavior to create a bookmarked folder when dragging a folder from the File Explorer to the Bookmarks view.
  • Bookmarks: Added page preview support on hover.
  • Editor: Renaming files will now rename the file alias if it matches the file name.
  • App: Added "Close others in tab group" command to close all tabs in the tab group except the current one.
  • App: Added "Make copy of current file" command.

No longer broken

  • App: "Export to PDF" will now respect when a custom font is configured.
  • Search: Sort order is now properly restored on workspace load.
  • Tags: Fixed tags not being sorted when changing the sort option in the Tag view.
  • Tags: Fixed tags not preserving their fold
  • Hotkeys: Fixed hotkeys not always applying filter.
  • Hotkeys: Can no longer set hotkeys to be Shift + A-Z.
  • Hotkeys: Hotkeys that use Space will now be displayed correctly.
  • Bookmarks: Fixed drag and drop behavior where items could be moved to the wrong position.
  • Bookmarks: Drag and drop is now easier to drag items between two folders.
  • Bookmarks: Improved migration from Starred so that stale files that no longer exist and mismatched Starred file titles won't be migrated over.
  • Starred: Fixed view not being scrollable.
  • Starred: Fixed items missing hover styling.
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