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New shiny things

  • New Appearance setting to apply a custom app icon. Supports .ico and .png files.
  • Added support for deep linking in PDFs. Links can be created by right clicking on a PDF's table of contents, an annotation, or any selected text.
  • New "Adapt to theme" menu option for PDFs. Enabling this will override the PDF appearance so its rendered to match the styling of the current theme


  • Tab close button is now hidden for inactive tabs and will only appear on hover. This creates more space for file names inside the tab.
  • Improved how headings are displayed. Headings in Live Preview and Reading mode should now more closely match in appearance. Note this requires installer version 1.1.9 or above.

No longer broken

  • Spellcheck setting is now stored app-wide properly, instead of having some vaults overriding others.
  • Live Preview: Markdown tables are now allowed to start immediately after headings without a blank line.
  • Fixed bug where embedded PDFs and markdown files sometimes lose their scroll position.
  • Fixed issue where the initial switch from edit mode to reading mode causes the scroll position to be lost.
  • Fixed issue where reading mode scrolls unexpectedly when opening new tabs.
  • Canvas: Allow opening external links in webviews.
  • Mermaid: Fixed some color issues.


New CSS variables:

  • --p-spacing defines the spacing between paragraphs (defaults to 1rem).
  • --heading-spacing defines the spacing above a heading when it follows a paragraph (defaults to 2.5x paragraph spacing).
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