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  • New icon for the Properties view.

No longer broken

  • Properties: Fixed autocomplete attempting to insert []() style Markdown links if "Use Wikilinks" is disabled in settings.
  • Properties: The "All Properties" view will treat properties as case-insensitive. For example, instances of "TAGS" and "tags" will be shown as the same property.
  • Properties: Fixed frontmatter inside Canvas text cards generating console errors.
  • Properties: Creating a link to a nonexistent note will no longer insert an extra set of "]]" brackets.
  • Properties: Fixed copy/pasting text within properties not working.
  • Properties: Fixed "Edit file property" command not showing in the command palette.
  • Properties: The "Remove" menu item in the context menu of "All Properties" has been renamed to "Unassign type" to avoid confusion.
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