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September 5, 2023


  • Properties: New behavior when toggling "Properties view" core plugin. Enabling the core plugin will immediately open the "All properties" view.

No longer broken

  • Fixed properties status bar item not updating if the properties sidebar was not open.
  • Live Preview: Fixed more edge cases where frontmatter would temporarily appear when modifying properties.
  • Live Preview: Fixed issue where sometimes the property editor would insert an extra newline character.
  • The "Add file property" menu item will no longer be disabled in reading mode.
  • Properties: Fixed duplicate keys being suggested in property name input fields.
  • Properties: Fixed "Unassign type" not working for properties with capital letters.
  • Properties: It is no longer possible to unassign the type for default properties (cssclasses, tags, aliases).
  • Files specified in the "Excluded files" setting will no longer be counted in the Tags view or Properties view.
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