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October 10, 2023



  • List property elements can now be edited. Right-click the list item and choose "Edit...".


  • macOS: The "more options" icon on views will now be horizontal instead of vertical to match OS guidelines.
  • The backlinks and word count status bar elements will be hidden if the active view does not support them.
  • The icon for bookmarked files has been updated for clarity.
  • Pressing Enter or Tab when the file titlebar is focused will not revert the filename if the new name is invalid. Instead, an error message will be shown and the titlebar will stay active.
  • Improved layout of "About" settings tab.

No longer broken


  • Fixed "Show file properties" command not working if the Graph view is focused.
  • If frontmatter parsing fails, we will now always show a token where the parsing error is.
  • Fixed issue where status bar element did not update when closing a file.
  • Fixed issue where properties are invisible when dragging a tab.
  • List properties will now properly handle empty rows in the frontmatter.


  • Fixed issue where navigating to files from a canvas would sometimes cause sidebar views to show empty results.


  • The "Bookmark this block" command will now pre-populate the bookmark title with the currently selected text.
  • Dragging a bookmark from the bookmarks view to the editor will include the subpath if there is one.


  • Tag suggestions will now be sorted alphabetically if there is no search query.
  • Text selection will no longer be updated when the inline search input (Ctrl/command + F) loses focus.
  • "Split right" and "Split down" commands will now copy the scroll position of the current leaf.
  • Triggering a command from the macOS Application menu will now un-minimize the vault if the window is minimized.
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