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February 6, 2024



  • Added RTL text support.
  • Tables are now automatically formatted as you type. This means columns will now render cleanly in source mode.
  • Tables will no longer break when typing in the line preceding a table widget.
  • The paragraph submenu is now disabled inside the table context menu.
  • Typing "---" will no longer autocomplete inside a table cell.
  • Fixed issue where long horizontal tables would lose their scroll position on edit.
  • Fixed issue where right-clicking inside a table would cause multiple context menus to appear.
  • Lots of small fixes to how we handle editing text adjacent to tables.


  • Formatting commands now recognize _ for italic and __ for bold.
  • Fixed issue where "Copy" would not work in a file where a PDF was embedded.
  • "Quick font size adjustment" is now disabled by default.
  • Fixed some weird behavior with "Toggle comment" command when it was used next to other comments.
  • It's no longer possible to accidentally edit text inside a fold. Navigating into a fold will automatically open the fold.
  • "Close" has been moved to the top in the tab menu. Previously it would show below "Close all" and "Close others."

No longer broken

  • Fixed Live Preview issue where tokens inside markdown code blocks will no longer get parsed and rendered.
  • Fixed Outgoing links "link" button missing for unresolved links.
  • Fixed issue where bookmarks would be hidden or missing from the Bookmarks view.
  • Fixed "copy" button on the Sync history modal not working.
  • Fixed issue where dragging and dropping screenshots into Obsidian would produce broken links.
  • Fixed Outline view not showing leading numerics.
  • Fixed page preview sometimes getting triggered when mouse is not hovering over Obsidian.
  • Fixed issue where Backlinks view would incorrectly render links if they are on the same line as an embed.
  • We have reverted the changes to how lists are displayed in Live Preview. They will be formatted how they were in v1.4.
  • Fixed Enter, F2, and Cmd+ArrowDown not working when File Explorer is focused. Enter should now open the focused file on linux/win and rename the file on macOS. F2 will rename the focused folder/file. And Cmd+ArrowDown will open the focused file on macOS.
  • Editing a ordered checklist (i.e. 1. [ ]) will no longer cause the checkboxes to get wiped out.


  • Double-clicking on the sidebar tab items will no longer trigger "maximize window."
  • Fixed View → Source Mode and View → Reading View app menu items getting out of sync with the app.


  • Fixed issue where vim cursor got out of sync with the Obsidian cursor. This made it possible to accidentally edit Properties inside vim mode.
  • The vim cursor will now be hidden if the editor is not focused (good bye red box!)
  • Restyled the Vim normal mode command panel.
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