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February 13, 2024



  • Fixed brief flash when editing RTL tables.
  • Fixed issue where undo/redo would put cursor in wrong position.
  • You can now press backspace after a table to select the table. Pressing backspace again will delete the table.
  • Fixed issue where editing a large table would cause spaces to unexpected get deleted.
  • Fixed issue causing autosuggests inside table cells to sometimes not appear.
  • You can now click links and tags inside table cells.


  • Sync: When viewing your remote vaults inside Obsidian, you can now see the total storage space used by each vault.
  • Improvements for indented text and lists in Live Preview.

No longer broken

  • Fixed the appearance of the embedded backlinks for right-to-left interfaces.
  • Fixed sidebar views missing a "close" button.
  • Pressing Home when editing a table in source mode will now always go to the beginning of the line.
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