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February 22, 2024



  • Added RTL text support.
  • Tables are now automatically formatted as you type. This means columns will now render cleanly in source mode.
  • Tables will no longer break when typing in the line preceding a table widget.
  • The paragraph submenu is now disabled inside the table context menu.
  • Typing "---" will no longer autocomplete inside a table cell.
  • Fixed issue where long horizontal tables would lose their scroll position on edit.
  • Fixed issue where right-clicking inside a table would cause multiple context menus to appear.
  • Lots of small fixes to how we handle editing text adjacent to tables.
  • Fixed table not always getting focused when using "Insert table" command.
  • Fixed issue where undo/redo would put cursor in wrong position.
  • You can now press backspace after a table to select the table. Pressing backspace again will delete the table.
  • You can now click links and tags inside table cells.


  • Formatting commands now recognize _ for italic and __ for bold.
  • Fixed issue where "Copy" would not work in a file where a PDF was embedded.
  • "Quick font size adjustment" is now disabled by default.
  • Fixed some weird behavior with "Toggle comment" command when it was used next to other comments.
  • It's no longer possible to accidentally edit text inside a fold. Navigating into a fold will automatically open the fold.
  • "Close" has been moved to the top in the tab menu.


  • Sync: When viewing your remote vaults inside Obsidian, you can now see the total storage space used by each vault.
  • Improvements for indented text and lists in Live Preview.

No longer broken

  • The focused item in the File Explorer will now hide after opening a file.
  • Fixed the appearance of the embedded backlinks for right-to-left interfaces.
  • Pressing Home when editing a table in source mode will now always go to the beginning of the line.
  • Fixed issue where Canvas would fail to render if a zero-byte image file was embedded on the canvas.
  • Fixed issue where files would fail to save when navigating between files at the same time the properties are being edited.
  • Fixed Live Preview issue where tokens inside Markdown code blocks will no longer get parsed and rendered.
  • Fixed Outgoing links "link" button missing for unresolved links.
  • Fixed "copy" button inside Sync History not working.
  • Fixed Outline view not showing leading numerics.
  • Fixed page preview sometimes getting triggered when mouse is not hovering over the app.
  • Fixed issue where Backlinks view would incorrectly render links if they are on the same line as an embed.
  • We have reverted the changes to how lists are displayed in Live Preview. They will be formatted how they were in v1.4.
  • Fixed Enter, F2, and Command + ArrowDown not working when File Explorer is focused. Enter should now open the focused file on Linux and Windows and rename the file on macOS. F2 will rename the focused folder/file. And Command + ArrowDown will open the focused file on macOS.
  • Editing a ordered checklist (i.e. 1. [ ]) will no longer cause the checkboxes to get wiped out.


  • Double-clicking on the sidebar tabs will no longer trigger "maximize window."
  • Fixed View → Source Mode and View → Reading View app menu items getting out of sync with the app.
  • Fixed issue where dragging and dropping screenshots into Obsidian would produce broken links.


  • Fixed issue where the Vim cursor got out of sync with the app cursor. This made it possible to accidentally edit Properties inside Vim mode.
  • The Vim cursor will now be hidden if the editor is not focused.
  • Restyled the Vim normal mode command panel.


  • The installer has been updated to Electron v28.2.3. For macOS, Catalina 10.15 or higher is now required to run.
  • See the API Changelog for a list of API updates.
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