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Shiny new things

  • The interface direction is now mirrored when the app is set to an RTL language.
  • Updated the left sidebar layout. Vault switcher is now shown at the bottom. App ribbon can now be hidden in settings or by right-clicking on the ribbon and selecting "hide ribbon."
  • Character and word count is now updated based on the current text selection.
  • Tab will now complete the path segment of the currently selected file in the Quick switcher and "Move files" modal.


  • Initial workspace load time should be improved.
  • The "More options" menu items have been reorganized to be easier to parse visually.
  • Added "Add alias" command.
  • Added "Create new folder" command.
  • Hotkeys and property types are now automatically reloaded if the settings are modified outside of Obsidian.
  • Improved editor parsing performance.
  • Added custom instructions and result when adding display text to a link.


  • When merging two properties, the new property name will now flash in the global property list.
  • You can now double-click on a property list item to edit it.

Page preview

  • Hovering over a footnote ID will now display a popup with the corresponding footnote.
  • Previews should now have more consistent sizing and positioning.

Sync Improvements

  • Updated the default selective syncing when setting up Sync. By default, Sync will now sync:
    • Main settings
    • Appearance settings
    • Hotkeys
    • Core plugins
    • Core plugin settings
    • Video, images, PDFs, and audio
  • Arbitrary files inside plugin folders will no longer get tracked by Sync. The only files inside a plugin folder that will get tracked are:
    • data.json
    • main.js
    • styles.css
    • manifest.json
  • The "Purge" button will now appear if storage is more than 95% full.
  • Add command to open the activity log.
  • Improve styling of status bar menu.
  • Clicking the statusbar item now always shows the Sync menu instead of opening the activity log.
  • Tweak appearance of "Disconnect" button in settings.
  • Syncing should be faster when processing pending sync changes.
  • Don't throttle when main window is minimized or in the background.
  • Improved loading experience while Sync connects to the remote vault.
  • Improved the interface for inviting Sync collaborators to your vault.
  • Fixed issue with "View version history" not working if file is not tracked in Sync.

No longer broken

  • Fixed parsing and rendering of footnotes in the editor.
  • Markdown files larger than 2MB will no longer get indexed. This should prevent programmatically generated Markdown files causing Obsidian to lag at startup.
  • Fixed Redo not working when triggered from the macOS app menu.
  • Properties now inherit the page preview setting of whatever mode the view is in.
  • Updated the "move to new window" and "open in new window" icons.
  • Updated the context menu icons in the Bookmarks view to be consistent with the rest of the app.
  • Fixed workspace layout not always saving after selecting a tab.
  • Attempting to open an invalid URL will show a Notice instead of failing silently.
  • The "Light themes only" toggle is no longer displayed when using 'adapt to system'.
  • Fixed vim mode crashing when dragging cursor over folded text.
  • Don't show empty text when there's a fallback suggestion.
  • Allow clicking at start of line inside blockquote.
  • Fix scrolling when clicking at next to scrollbar in a PDF.
  • Fixed minimized main window doesn't adapt to system theme change.
  • Improved drag and drop for the command palette reordering.
  • Fixed clicking "Collapse all" sometimes requiring two clicks to work.
  • Fixed backlinks view not always showing an empty state.
  • Fixed toggling core plugins not always showing the settings "gear" icon immediately.
  • Fixed checklists getting unfolded when clicking on the checkbox.
  • Fixed list collapse indicators from extending into text in Live Preview.
  • Fix callout images getting clipped inside hover preview.
  • Improve styling of tree items during rename.
  • Fixed appearance of "destructive" menu items when they are disabled.


  • Dismiss suggestions when typing quoted string.
  • Don't open suggestions if next character is non-space.
  • Clicking "clear" button will no longer cause search input fields to lose focus.


  • The Norsk language is now mapped to the Bokmål locale.


  • Clicking in margin to right of table now focuses the editor.
  • Fixed shift + arrow key not responding.
  • Ensure cell updates from main editor correctly update cell offsets.
  • Fix parsing math blocks inside table cells.


  • We have published a guide for how to adapt your theme or plugin to support RTL interfaces.


  • Switched to Cascadia Mono instead of Cascadia Code for default monospace on Windows.
  • Bold is now computed based on the current text weight, so bold inside a heading will still appear bold.
  • Added --caret-color CSS variable to make it easier to style caret color on both desktop and mobile.
  • Added new --link-weight variable.
  • The user's interface language is added to the lang attribute on the html element, which allows language-specific CSS rules.
  • The .mod-rtl class is added to body element when the user's interface language is RTL.


  • Fixed processFrontmatter failing to process file if all properties are removed.
  • Improve detection of external config changes.
  • We've made several improvements to the behavior of app.emulateMobile that should make it easier to test that your plugins are mobile-compatible. Attempting to run a NodeJS library will present a Notice. Drag and drop will more accurately mirror the behavior on mobile. The app will have default safe-area-inset properties set so that your views properly account for offsets in the mobile device viewport (such as the iPhone Dynamic Island).
  • Bare modals should respect safe-area-insets by default.
  • Added loading state to some of the settings button that make remote requests.
  • Global app has been completely removed from the API spec (previously it was marked as deprecated).
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