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The easiest way to publish your wiki, knowledge base, documentation, or digital garden.


The publishing platform for non-linear thinkers

Obsidian Publish is designed to bring your interconnected content online. It comes with unique features that help readers explore your web of ideas.

Hover previews.
Display a popover preview of the linked page when you hover over it, like Wikipedia.
Graph view.
Visually explore the connections between the pages on your site.
Stacked pages.
Make links open in horizontal panes that you can browse like a stack of pages on a desk.
Automatically list links to pages that reference the current page you are on.
Example Obsidian Publish site Example Obsidian Publish site Example Obsidian Publish site Example Obsidian Publish site

Authoring and collaboration

A seamless publishing experience

Publish is built into Obsidian for desktop and mobile, so you can write, collaborate, and publish seamlessly.

Example of Obsidian Help site powered by Obsidian Publish
Edit with Markdown
Blazing fast text editing built on the simplicity and reliability of Markdown.
Collaborate seamlessly
Invite your team to collaboratively create and maintain your Publish site.
Publish natively
Make your changes public in just a few taps, even from your mobile devices.


Host your Obsidian Publish site for one all-inclusive price. If you're not satisfied, get a refund within 7 days, no questions asked.

What's included

  • Hosting for your site up to 4GB
  • Priority email support
  • Customizable theme and domain
  • SEO and mobile performance

$8 USD

per month, per site
billed yearly
Create your site
Publish theme
/* Solarized theme */

.theme-light {
--background-primary: #FDF6E3;
--background-secondary: #EEE8D5;
--text-normal: #073642;
--text-muted: #586E75;
--text-accent: #248BD2;
.theme-dark {
--background-primary: #002B36;
--background-secondary: #073642;
--text-normal: #93A1A1;
--text-muted: #657B83;
--text-accent: #248BD2;
Publish settings
Site name
Name of your site.
Pick an image for your site.
Custom URL
Define your custom domain.
Redirect to your domain
Visitors to will be redirected.
Disallow search engine indexing
Prevent search engines from indexing your site.
Google Analytics code
Configure analytics for your domain.
This site is password protected


Make it your own

Obsidian Publish gives you control over the look and feel of your site. It's easy to create a unique and branded design.

The look of your Obsidian Publish site can be fully customized with CSS and Javascript. Learn more.
Custom domain.
Point your domain name to Obsidian Publish for a more branded experience. Learn more.
Password protection.
Restrict access to your site with the ability to manage multiple passwords. Learn more.


Built-in performance

Speed and accessibility are built into every Obsidian Publish site. No configuration required.

First-class SEO
Your Publish site is automatically optimized for search engines and social sharing cards. You can even customize metadata with descriptions, slugs, and images, on a page-by-page level.
Visitors on mobile devices are treated as first-class citizens, with an experience that's as intuitive and powerful as it is on the desktop. You can also edit and publish your site from the Obsidian mobile app.
Analytics are optional
Obsidian Publish is private by default, but it's easy to track visits to your site if you choose to. Embed Google Analytics or privacy-friendly tools such as Plausible and Fathom.
Accessible by default
Out of the box, Obsidian Publish has a perfect 100% Lighthouse accessibility score. It's our priority to make your content accessible for all visitors.

Launch your site today

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