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May 13, 2020

Shiny new things

  • You can now make custom hotkeys in settings.
  • There are now new commands in the Command Palette for toggle preview, splitting panes, open settings, and more.
  • The file explorer now has a "make a copy" option in the file menu.
  • For the Daily Note and the ZK prefixer, you can now set the folder path to save to.
  • You can also now change the date format for the Daily Note.
  • The ZK Prefixer will now automatically increment the minute if the file already exists.
  • The editor now has an option to show line numbers, which is helpful for vim mode.
  • Footnotes now work in preview.


  • In the Graph View, now hovering the circle will highlight the node (it used to only highlight when hovering file name).
  • The external link icon in preview is back.
  • Clicking on a backlink match now jumps to the matched line.
  • We now keep scroll location when toggling between editor and preview.
  • When doing a Roam import, we now convert Roam {{[[TODO]]}} and {{[[DONE]]}} to Markdown checkboxes.
  • The editor now uses variable-width font instead of monospace by default (you can use custom css to do monospace if you prefer).
  • We changed the multi-cursor trigger from ctrl+click to ctrl+alt+click so it doesn't surprise people.
  • Search now wraps lines at end of word instead of character.

No longer broken

  • We fixed heading folding getting reset when clicking on the editor.
  • Load speed is now drastically increased for large vaults.
  • New folder placeholder name no longer show up as "[object Object] Untitled".
  • Horizontal split no longer causes an extra empty pane to open vertically on the left.
  • Long urls now properly wrap rather than taking up their own line.
  • We fixed internal links not being clickable in editor if it's the first thing in a list item.
  • Things like [[]] no longer highlight everything behind it in the editor.
  • Things between dollar signs like $text$ no longer get highlighted.
  • Similarly, an arrow ==> is now recognized as not a highlight.
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