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May 15, 2020

Shiny new things

  • There's a new plugin: starred files. Starred files will appear in a "Starred" section in the left panel.
  • Another new plugin: Open random note. It does what it says!
  • We've implemented highlighting for block math, surround it with $$. We also now show math in preview.
  • There's now code highlighting for code fences with the language specified, i.e. ```js. Just add the language name after the first set of backticks.
  • You can now view and embed webm/mp4/ogg videos and gifs.


  • The default font is smaller.

No longer broken

  • We fixed page preview getting stuck when switching between files.
  • We also fixed backlinks not updating when switching between panes.
  • Unlinked mentions no longer include the current file. Inception avoided.
  • Search in files now shows matches for filenames as well as content.
  • We fixed some file name conflict issues, which had the danger of overwriting extant files.
  • And we fiixed sometimes not being able to delete an empty folder.
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