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May 18, 2020

Shiny new things

  • The big news: We've implemented linking to headings! Start typing a link like you would normally. Once you highlight the note you want from the list, press # instead of Enter and you'll see a list of headings in that file. Press # again for each subheading, and Enter to complete the link.
  • Related to that, if you make a link with heading specified for an embed, it will show just that section in preview mode. The hover preview will also show just that section.
  • The OTHER big news: You can now follow links with the keyboard. By default, follow the link under the cursor with alt-Enter, and open in a new panel with Ctrl-alt-Enter, but of course these are customizable in [[Keyboard shortcuts]].
  • You can now now search AND replace, Ctrl+H by default.
  • Daily notes now have the option of using a template note. Set this in the plug-in settings.
  • We also added commands to toggle the left and right side bars. No hotkey set by default.


  • Link suggestion now has fuzzy search. No more trying to remember what order words came in when you named that file.
  • Both the link suggestion and the quick switcher highlight matches as you type. Yes the colors for these can be changed in CSS.
  • When you use the Navigate Back command to return to a document, we now restore your scroll location and cursor selection.
  • Markdown links with relative paths like [link](../ now work. The path is relative to the file you're making the link in.
  • Improved the [[Format your notes]] examples to include some of the lesser-used formats to satisfy certain CSS developers who shall remain nameless.

No longer broken

  • Long note titles are no longer truncated with ellipses, so you can actually see what you're typing when you edit them.
  • Long headings are no longer compressed to unreadable in page preview.
  • Star and Unstar commands are now a single toggle command.
  • We fixed that weird table layout issue that would cause columns to resize poorly.
  • We fixed starred notes not appearing after you delete one of them.
  • In the sidebar, you can now close a removed pane after disabling a plugin.
  • Linking an unlinked file no longer navigates to that file at the same time. If that makes no sense to you, you probably never saw the bug. Don't worry about it, it's fixed now.
  • Graph view now runs a single instance in the background. This means you won't lag out the application by opening it multiple times.
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