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July 2, 2020

Shiny new things

  • We now render mermaid diagrams! Mermaid is a markup language similar to Markdown for producing diagrams and flow charts. The syntax to work with mermaid is a backtick-fenced code block, with the type set to mermaid, like so:
graph TD;
  • There's now folder auto-complete for plugin options that select folders.
  • We now auto pair ==highlight== syntax. We've also added a command & hotkey for this, similar to bold and italics.


  • We've moved workspace-related ephemeral data from .obsidian/config to its own file .obsidian/workspace.
  • When suggesting links, the first item will only be automatically selected if you type at least 1 character.
  • Bare URLs without a scheme prefix will no longer be automatically detected as links. Add "https://" for it to be recognized. (For example, vs

No longer broken

  • Sometimes trying to auto-link backlinks in "unlinked mentions" could be clicked multiple times producing a [[link]]nk]]nk]]. Thankfully, that no longer happens.
  • We fixed LaTeX sometimes hanging the app if $ was included in the middle.
  • We also fixed LaTeX couldn't include escaped $. You can now do that with \$
  • We've optimized HTML rendering to speed up re-rendering for big documents.
  • Ctrl/Cmd-B and Ctrl/Cmd-I are now customizable.
  • Indenting/unindenting using "smart indent lists" should no longer become "NaN."
  • Consecutive links [[link1]][link2]] now links to the correct place in edit mode.
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