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July 14, 2020

Shiny new things

  • Major new feature: Search has been massively improved and expanded! Check this out:
    • Words in the search query separated by space will be searched independently in each file.
    • "Quoted strings" can be used to perform full word match. "test" will not match the word testing. Use backslash \" to escape double quotes and \\ to escape backslash.
    • Regular expressions (regex) can now be used in search. Use forward slash to denote a regular expression. For example: /[a-z]{3}/.
    • Boolean operations can now be used. Use OR to match one or another. Use - to negate a query. The space character is used for boolean "and".
    • Parenthesis can be used to group boolean operations. For example (a OR b) (c OR d).
    • Several special operators are available. Some operators allow nesting queries using parenthesis, for example: file:("to be" OR -"2B").
      • file: will perform the following subquery on the file name. For example: file:".jpg".
      • path: will perform the following subquery on the file path, absolute from the root. For example: file:"Daily Notes/2020-07".
      • match-case: and ignore-case: will override the case sensitive match logic for the following subquery.
    • There are now options in the search interface to provide different types of results:
      • Collapse results will toggle between just showing matching note names and showing the lines in which matches appear. These extended results can be toggled for each note by clicking on the folding triangle next to the file name.
      • Match Case will do what it says, but note that it can be overridden on a per-search basis as per above.
      • Explain Search Terms will show you what the search is actually looking for in plain terms, so you can debug complex searches.
    • And search results are now optimized to only render results visible in the scrollable box. This means no more lag when there are a lot of search matches.
    • You can also star search queries for quick navigation using the "Starred" plugin.
  • There is a new option for link suggestions to auto-complete paths in relative format, vault-absolute format, or our default "shortest unique path". This option can be found in Settings > File.


  • Daily Notes plugin now adds commands to go to previous and next day's note, if they exist. You will only see these in the Command Palette if you are in a daily note. A daily note for these purposes is defined as "matching the date format set in the daily notes plugin settings," so so any notes that don't use the specified date format won't be navigated to.

No longer broken

  • Excessive padding for media embeds (images, audio, video) have been slimmed down.
  • There was a bug in the recognition of tags with numbers wherein some would be shown as tags in preview but not edit mode. That is fixed now.
  • And we fixed the thing where toggle highlight command would just add more == instead of toggling as the name would suggest.
  • Mermaid graphs would sometimes have boxes clip the last few letters of the text. That shouldn't happen anymore.
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