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July 21, 2020

Shiny new things

  • There's now a new Outline plugin, which works in the same way as the backlinks pane. An "unlinked" sidebar pane will show the outline of the current file, while a "linked" pane will always show the outline of the linked pane.
  • Open with Default App plugin now also adds "Show in Folder" option which will open the system file manager and highlight the file.
  • You can now scroll beyond the last line of the file.
  • HTML tags with style properties are now allowed to be added to elements, style all the things!
  • HTML iframe tags are now allowed, which can be used to embed various external pages like YouTube, Google Maps, etc.


  • Graph view now has smoother fading animations when hovering with mouse.
  • Search regex now uses multiline mode, which means ^ will now match beginning of line and $ will now match end of line.
  • Link auto-complete and quick switcher would match the file name as a priority, instead of always matching the full path. This should improve the match ordering for searcher that contain characters in the parent folder, such as searching for "task" in "test/" which previously matched "[t]est/t[ask]" instead of "test/[task]".
  • The HTML sanitizer is now a lot faster, making large documents more performant.

No longer broken

  • Switching between edit mode and preview mode no longer loses your scroll position from the top, so you won't have to scroll all the way down again.
  • Global search fixes:
    • "quoted string" did not properly match full words when containing punctuation or whitespace characters, such as "- [ ]". It should work now.
    • /regex/ previously required two backslashes to escape characters, for example, /\[\]/ previously didn't work, requiring /\\[\\]/. Now you don't need to add the second backslash.
    • When clicking on a search result, sometimes the highlights were off by a few characters. This was caused by Windows-style line endings "\r", and should no longer cause any trouble.
    • Search results sometimes didn't show all results when scrolling. Also sometimes the results would flicker and jump around. That should stop happening now.
    • Fixed search operator ignore-case: previously made the search case sensitive instead of what it says it does, oops.
  • Link autocomplete should no longer generates a leading / for relative links.
  • Fixed ]] not properly styled in headings, which made them appear really small.
  • Table headers are now properly aligned using table alignment options.
  • Fixed editor horizontal scrollbar hidden behind text, so it could not be interacted with.
  • Fixed $$ latex blocks couldn't contain single dollar signs $.
  • Backlinks pane now no longer cause lag when switching documents in a vault with heavy linking.
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