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August 21, 2020

Shiny new things

  • A new template plugin is now available. Designate a template folder and insert any of them on command. In the plugin setting, you can tell the plugin what to replace {{date}} and {{time}} with. {{title}} will be replaced by the title of the current file. You can also insert {{date:FORMAT}} to customize date formatting individually.
  • YAML Frontmatter is now recognized. You can also hide it using the option in Settings > Editor > Show frontmatter.
  • There's now a new file menu item to "reveal file in file explorer", which highlights the current file in the file explorer pane.
  • You can now choose to auto-complete links in the Markdown standard format. This will automatically encode spaces as %20.


  • We've now switched from Markdown-It to Remark to parse Markdown files. This will inevitably change how some of your notes look like, since Remark is not fully CommonMark compliant. This change allows us to accurately calculate link positions within a document to properly render backlinks and to update references when files are renamed.
  • Search now searches in file name as well.

No longer broken

  • Two identical links in the same paragraph now properly shows as two distinct backlinks, instead of showing the first one twice.
  • Pressing Tab to autocomplete links no longer inserts an extra pair of ]].
  • Footnotes used to link to the wrong place, that should be fixed now.
  • Vault switcher should no longer flash blank for a second when first opened up.
  • Fixed sometimes the window would overflow, causing the whole app to be scrolled up out of view.
  • When vault resides in a folder with special characters, embedded images and media no longer worked. This shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Pasting control characters (which are also invalid for file names) in the file rename field no longer causes an exception.
  • LaTeX rendering using MathJax should no longer be broken if accidentally changed MathJax renderer using the right-click menu.
  • Mermaid graphs that couldn't be rendered due to an error won't scroll the whole app anymore.
  • Duplicate embeds, LaTeX, and code blocks now properly renders instead of having the first one disappear.
  • Spellcheck correction is now properly applied when using custom CSS themes that reduce line height.
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