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September 7, 2020

Shiny new things

  • The entire app is now frameless. This also means you can use custom CSS to change the color/appearance of the top bar.
  • We've added buttons for navigating backward/forward on the top left of the app.
  • There is now a new plugin called "Translucency", which will make the app translucent. Linux is unsupported for now. Windows users must also re-install the app using the v0.8.12+ installer to be able to use this.
  • Strikethrough ~ and highlight = will now auto-pair when selecting text and hitting the respective keys.
  • There are now new commands for "Edit file title" and for "Copy file path".
  • A new option is available to disable line-wrapping in edit mode.


  • Link suggestion no longer triggers auto-complete when pressing # or | because it's not always intended. Instead, hit Tab first to auto-complete, then type the character normally.
  • Selecting text in preview mode now prevents it from being optimized, where previously the selection would disappear when scrolled out-of-view.
  • You can now middle-click on graph nodes to open the note in a new pane.

No longer broken

  • On Linux, using the mouse backward/forward navigation buttons no longer fires twice.
  • Sometimes in edit mode, the collapse/expand triangle overlaps the text. That's now fixed.
  • Navigating back to a file that was already deleted shouldn't cause an error anymore.
  • Checkboxes with a numbered list now appear on one line instead of wrapping to the next.
  • Numbered lists with checkboxes now shows the number instead of hiding it.
  • Fixed search operator tag miss every other result within the same file.
  • Fixed a rare occurence of scroll lost when typing in a scroll-synced edit/preview configuration.
  • Fixed heading not highlighted in preview mode when using the outline plugin if heading is on the last line of the note.
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