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September 14, 2020

Shiny new things

  • The app now registers the URL scheme "obsidian://". This will attempt to open a file in any previously opened vaults.
    • On MacOS, this requires installer version 0.8.12+ to work.
    • To open a vault that you have previously opened, use the format obsidian://vault/vaultname, where vaultname is the name of the folder of the vault.
    • To open a file inside a vault, use the format: obsidian://vault/vaultname/path/to/file.
    • To open a file with an absolute path, use the triple slash format: obsidian:///absolute/path/to/file or on Windows obsidian:///C:\path\to\file (forward slash also works). This will open the file in the most nested vault that's capable of opening this file.
    • If the URL does not do anything, then it means the file does not belong to any vault you have previously opened.
    • If the vault opens, but does not navigate to the specified note, then it means the file of that path was not found.
    • On Linux, you will have to setup an obsidian.desktop file with Exec=obsidian %u. Details see here.
  • Alphabetical sorting has been improved.
    • Sort is now case insensitive.
    • Sort correctly understand accent characters such as "é" to be the same as "e".
    • Numbers are now naturally sorted, so "1", "2", and "10" will now sort in the expected order.
  • Outline items are now collapsible.


  • Embed can now be rendered up to 5 layers deep.
  • Pasting images now use a 14 digit timestamp format "Pasted image 20200914050118.png" instead of a regular number "Pasted image 15.png".
  • Graph view will now prioritize rendering frames instead of performing physics simulation, which previously caused multi-second lags on large graphs.

No longer broken

  • Fixed Frameless titlebar text is not properly center aligned.
  • Linking an unlinked mention now properly removes the entry from the unlinked mention section.
  • Removed hidden titlebar when fullscreen which caused the top section of the app to not accept clicks.
  • Drag and drop panes no longer cause the moved pane to lose CSS styles and pane headers.
  • MacOS can now double click the frameless window header to zoom or un-zoom.
  • Numbered lists with checkboxes now renders correctly.
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