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September 21, 2020

Shiny new things

  • Graph view has been completely revamped.
    • New options for filtering are now available. You can now:
      • Filter files using same syntax as search. This can be especially useful to exclude certain folders like daily notes with path:-"Daily notes".
      • Choose to show #tags.
      • Choose to show attachments such as images, audios, and PDFs.
      • Choose to hide links to non-existent notes (only show existing files).
      • Choose to hide orphan notes (files that do not have links, and is not linked to).
    • New layout options are available to customize the graph to your vault. You can now:
      • Choose to show arrows for links.
      • Change the size of nodes and the thickness of links.
      • Change the centering force, the repelling force, the link force, and the link distance.
    • Local graph also has a few new option available. You can now:
      • Choose to hide incoming or outgoing links.
      • Choose to showing neighbor links. Disabling this option hides links between neighbor notes.
    • You can now navigate the graph using the keyboard. Arrow keys to pan, + and - to zoom, Shift to speed up movement.
    • All graph options, including local graph depth and zoom level, are now persisted through restarts.
    • Dragging to pan now has inertia. Zooming has been reworked to be much smoother.
    • Graph colors now support custom CSS color: rgba() values as well as opacity: 0.5.
    • New graph CSS classes are .color-fill-tag, .color-fill-attachment, .color-fill-unresolved, and .color-arrow.
    • Graph simulation is now done in a worker thread. This should make large graphs much more manageable.
    • Several optimizations have been implemented to make the graph blazingly fast on vaults of all sizes. Many tricks are commonly used in modern day video games!
  • Obsidian now supports obsidian:// URIs. For the user manual, check out the help doc Advanced use > Using obsidian URI.
    • Remember to use %20 to encode the space character, and %2F to encode the forward slash /.
    • obsidian://open?vault=myvault will open the vault "myvault".
    • obsidian://open?vault=myvault&file=mynote will open the file "mynote" inside the vault "myvault"/
    • obsidian://open?path=%2Fabsolute%2Fpath%2Fto%2Fmynote will open the file at the absolute path "/absolute/path/to/mynote" assuming a vault exists for the one of the parent folders.
  • The two shorthand from v0.8.15 are still available:
    • The vault format: obsidian://vault/myvault.
    • The vault + file format: obsidian://vault/myvault/mynote.
    • The triple slash format for absolute paths: obsidian:///absolute/path/to/mynote or on Windows obsidian:///C:\path\to\mynote (forward slash also works).
  • New CSS classes are added for #tags in the editor for those interested in styling different tags in different colors. For a hypothetical tag #mytag, the class will be .cm-tag-mytag. Unfortunately, this only supports English letters, -, and _, since those are the limitations of CSS class names.
  • New CSS classes are now added to <body> to indicate the operating system. They are .mod-macos, .mod-windows, and .mod-linux.
  • Markdown importer can now convert Bear style highlight ::highlight::.


  • Global search and edit mode find functionality now copies selected text into the search bar when triggered.
  • The vault switcher window now has a language switcher.
  • Search should now be much faster if only using file: or path: operators, because the file content does not need to be loaded.

No longer broken

  • On Windows, the vault switcher should now show vault name instead of the full path, which took a lot of unnecessary space.
  • Splitting a new pane sometimes caused the new pane to be very thin. That should now be fixed.
  • Clicking on file:/// links should now work properly on Linux. This was broken on a previous release.
  • On MacOS, sometimes when double clicking the app titlebar to zoom, the window disappears and can't be made to reappear even if restarting the app. This will no longer happen.
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