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September 30, 2020

Shiny new things

  • There is now a publish plugin that works with Obsidian Publish. For more information, check out the Obsidian Publish Service
  • Graph now has an option to tweak when the text fades out.
  • You can now mouse hover in graph view with Ctrl/Cmd to bring up the hover preview if the page preview plugin is enabled.
  • If your vault is large, there is now a loading progress bar when starting the app, instead of freezing and not functioning until the app properly loads.


  • Clicking on search results and backlinks now scrolls to the Markdown section containing the first result in preview mode.
  • Clicking on search tab now focuses on the search textbox so it can be typed in right away.
  • The graph simulation engine has been rewritten to bring even more performance and save battery. Note that the graph simulation engine is responsible for computing where each node moves.
  • The graph rendering engine has been tweaked to initialize a bit faster.
  • Graph filters have been re-categorized to differentiate between display options and forces. Changing display options now no longer re-activates graph simulation.
  • When opening global search with selected text, the query is now properly double-quoted if the query contains space characters.

No longer broken

  • Fixed styling of backlink/unlinked mentions broken by the previous release.
  • Navigating backward/forward should no longer cause the pane type to change from edit/preview to graph, backlinks or outline.
  • Slides can now be styled via custom CSS without having to use more specific rules.
  • obsidian:// URIs now fixed for Linux.
  • Fixed more instances where preview scroll was reset when scrolling with large images.
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