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October 5, 2020

Shiny new things

  • Clicking on checkbox within an embed block or a hover preview now updates the underlying file.
  • Embedded notes now update when the underlying file is changed.
  • New "Workspaces" plugin allows saving the entire workspace, including panes with their open files as well as all sidebar configuration. Especially useful if you use a vault for multiple purposes to jump between different pane configurations quickly.
  • When using global search, you can now copy the search results file list. This can be optionally formatted as wikilinks and/or as lists.
  • Hover preview can now be scrolled.
  • Hover preview can now stack, meaning you can hover links inside a hover preview and pop out another preview for that link.


  • Publish plugin now has an "unchanged" section which can be used to un-publish files.

No longer broken

  • Local graph search filter no longer filters out the current file, which causes everything else to disappear.
  • Resetting graph to default now properly resets forces as well.
  • Changing search queries now saves to workspace properly.
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