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November 19, 2020

Shiny new things

  • You can now specify aliases in front matter. These will then show up in the [[ link suggestion, and auto-complete to [[Filename|alias]]. They will also be picked up in unlinked mentions. For example: aliases: [AI, Artificial Intelligence]. Add double quotes around your alias if it contains special characters.
  • You can now specify tags in front matter. These will then show up in the tag pane, as well as in search queries using the tag: operator. For example: tags: ["#pkm", "#hype"].


  • Command palette and Quick switcher will now restore your cursor or selection when exiting.

No longer broken

  • Graph filter tag operators no longer operate on links to non-existent files.
  • The duplicate menu item "Copy obsidian url" has been removed from the more options menu.
  • On Windows, you should now be able to drag the window from the top when it's maximized.


  • frontmatter is now available in CachedMetadata.
  • Some helper functions for front matter parsing are made available: parseFrontMatterEntry, parseFrontMatterStringArray, parseFrontMatterAliases and parseFrontMatterTags.
  • The css class mod-root is now always added to the workspace center area.
  • Deprecations: (the old name will remain in code for backward compatibility for a while)
    • Setting.addExtraSetting has been renamed to addExtraButton.
    • Workspace.getActiveLeafOfViewType has been renamed to getActiveViewOfType.
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