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January 11, 2021

Shiny new things

  • Obsidian Publish can now restrict site access with one or multiple passwords.
  • You can now choose to store attachments in the same folder as the current note, or in a subfolder relative to the current note.
  • Huge PDF improvements:
    • PDF files will now render when embedded inside a note.
    • PDF files are now rendered using a native PDF viewer, which can scroll, zoom, select and copy text.
    • You can now link to a page of a PDF file by adding #page=number at the end. For example [[My file.pdf#page=3]]. This also works for embedded PDFs. Typing # while auto-completing a PDF file will automatically add #page= for you.


  • Folders now shows the number of files and subfolders when you hover over them.
  • The hover tooltips for the file explorer has been reprimanded for being too eager to show up on time. They will now only display once you stop your mouse over it.
  • An unlinked pinned outline pane will now attempt to open the file if it's not already open.
  • Audio recorder will now generate file names with timestamps similar to pasted images.
  • Word count has been improved to handle numbers better.

No longer broken

  • Changing active panes with hotkeys will now properly focus on them.
  • Tooltips no longer leave behind a lingering line sometimes.
  • Tooltips now appear on the correct side for backlinks and file explorer.
  • The editor text should now always stay clear using subpixel-antialiasing, instead of jumping to blurry grayscale from time to time.


  • The file-open event is now fired in a debounced frame instead of synchronously running while the activeLeaf is being set.
  • The layout-ready event will now only fire once when the app finish loading the workspace, instead of also triggering when loading a different workspace.
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