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January 19, 2021

Shiny new things

  • Obsidian Publish now supports custom domains, subdomains or a sub-folder of your website. For details, see the help docs.
  • There is now a button to copy heading links on Obsidian Publish.
  • Global search now displays helpful tips on the various filters we support.
  • Global search now has a way to clear the search history.


  • PDF export settings are now persisted.
  • There is now a button to update all plugins. In addition, installed plugins are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Non-existing files are now properly displayed when there is a search filter for path applied, instead of completely removed.
  • Mermaid has been upgraded to v8.8.4.
  • Clicking on the backlink status bar item now opens the backlink pane.
  • Opening the help vault will now open a translated version based on your selected language. Currently only supports Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Help us translate the help vault to your favorite language.

No longer broken

  • The random note plugin no longer adds two ribbon icons.
  • Hover preview now loads embedded search properly.
  • Fixed uppercase block IDs not linking/embedding properly.
  • Backlink panes now updates file titles correctly when a file is renamed.
  • Opening a dialog no longer lets you accidentally focus or make modifications to the document behind the dialog.
  • Pasting as HTML no longer copies over the text from <style> tags.
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