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May 25, 2021

Shiny new things

  • Quick switcher now has an option to show links to files that haven't been created yet.
  • A new core plugin "Outgoing links" is now available.
    • It shows a list of destinations your note links to.
    • It also gives a list of unlinked mentions from the current note that can be linked.
    • This plugin is disabled by default, and you must enable it first to see the new side panel.


  • Graph view's right click menu now has an option to open the note in a new pane.
  • The last opened setting tab is now saved when you close and re-open the setting dialog.
  • The folding state of the metadata section in preview is now saved, and will be synced with the folding of the frontmatter in edit view.
  • Obsidian Sync's status icon will now show red when not connected to the server.
  • Exiting from editor search using the escape key now puts the cursor back.

No longer broken

  • Fixed Obsidian Publish dialog checking a folded folder doesn't work.
  • Fixed removing the right sidebar still left a gap.
  • Fixed resizing sidebars can sometimes go beyond the app window.
  • Graph now updates correctly when files are renamed.
  • Renaming files while using Markdown links no longer cause unnecessary characters to be url encoded.
  • Markdown links to files that haven't been created yet will no longer cause an entry with .md to show up in link auto-complete.
  • Fixed navigation history sometimes skips a note.
  • Fixed navigating from a non-active linked pane causes the navigation history to forget the previous note.


  • Status bar elements now have a css class of the plugin ID added to it, for example, plugin-word-count.
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