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November 22, 2021

Shiny new things

  • You can now use drag and drop to re-arrange heading sections from the Outline pane.
  • You can also drop an outline item into the editor to generate a heading link.

Live preview improvements

  • Folding state is now properly saved.
  • Fixed embed, image, or code blocks related page reflows making selection and interactions stop working.
  • Fixed sometimes the page becomes plaintext with no highlights halfway.
  • Fixed switching document does not scroll back to the top.
  • Fixed document keeps scrolling up when selecting the last few lines.
  • Fixed clicking on search results from global search, backlinks and outline pane not properly highlighting the matching location.
  • Removed hardcoded editor folding hotkeys.
  • Fixed unable to extract heading on macOS due to context menu also selecting word.

No longer broken

  • Fixed clicking on an external link freezes the app for engine versions using Electron 12.
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