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April 25, 2022


  • Unlinked mentions now also skip over ignored files.
  • There is now an improved setup guide for Obsidian Sync from the vault selector window.
  • You can see what's changed in each version in Obsidian Sync version history.
  • Zoom level is now saved per vault.
  • In addition to "Dark" and "Light", you can also set your Obsidian theme to "Adapt to system". Obsidian will auto-update the theme as your system setting changes. Shoutout to kepano for the "System dark mode" plugin!
  • You can now enable a dark/light toggle for your Obsidian Publish site.
  • You can now set theme to "Adapt to system" for your Obsidian Publish site, so that your site adapts to the reader's system settings.

No longer broken

  • Fixed attachments on network drives not loading.
  • Fixed link suggestion lag when long links to nonexistent files are present.
  • Fixed vim mode num + j combos sometimes not working when screen is scrolled.
  • Fix code blocks not rendered at the correct time in Live Preview.


  • Updated Lucide to v0.30.0.
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