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Shiny new things for Obsidian Publish

  • You can now collaborate on your site using their Obsidian account, so that multiple users can publish to the same site.

    • This can be done in "Site options" > "Site collaboration"
    • All site members can publish pages to the site.
    • Only the owner can change the configurations and manage members.
    • Only the owner needs to pay for the site, collaborators can join for free.
    • Note that collaborators should ensure they have synced the latest edition of the site before making changes.
  • You can now configure a list of included and a list of excluded folders when publishing changes.

    • If a page is matched to the inclusion list, then it will be automatically selected for publishing.
    • If a page is matched to the exclusion list, it will be completely removed from the list of pages to publish.
    • The frontmatter publish: flag will override this setting for individual notes.
    • Exclusions take priority over inclusions.
  • In the "Publish changes" dialog, you can now right click on each note for a list of options, such as...

    • Open the page on the live site.
    • Open the note locally.
    • Compare your local version with the live version.
    • Discard local changes and download the live version.


  • Sync diffs now render as unified diffs to conserve space.
  • File recovery will now show diffs as well.
  • opus audio files are now recognized as a supported file type.
  • Unlinked mentions for outgoing links now respects the exclusion filter.

No longer broken

  • Fixed fonts sometimes not working with some themes and plugins using legacy css variables.
  • Disabled sec-ua-hint to reduce issues with iframes.
  • Fixed callout titles not working with strict line break turned on.
  • Fixed selecting words in headings will invisibly also select to the beginning of the line.
  • Fixed global graphs not showing unsupported attachments.
  • Fixed "show context menu under cursor" not triggered correctly when app is zoomed.
  • Fixed dragging and dropping files into the editor not showing the proper action verb text.
  • Fixed callouts in Live Preview not showing unresolved links as faded.
  • Fixed embeds within callouts in Live Preview not live updating and unable to click on checklists.


  • Fixed tab not working in modals.
  • registerDomEvent can now take an options object (for things like {capture: true}).
  • Added goWordLeft and goWordRight editor commands.
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